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"Don't be fooled by the false dichotomy of choosing to live by Faith or Reason. The only people who don't have faith are those who are omniscient! And that job has already been taken by God! Everyone has Faith. Let's hope it's Reasonable Faith"


-Dan Arsenault


Is Truth Relative?

While there are similarities between many religions, it is illogical to say that all religions are the same...


Few philosophers are willing to abandon the notion of morality when they adopt atheism as their worldview. But when they try explaining mora

A Picture Perfect Christmas

The Scriptures call Jesus, Whose Name means “Jehovah Saves,” the Lamb of God from before the Creation. That is, from eternity. The Father...

The Resurrection of Jesus

The vast majority of historians agree on the following list of facts concerning Jesus of Nazareth:

Is There Life After Death? (Part Three)

I have made the case that the very elements that make us individuals also point to the idea that we shall survive our own physical death - n

Is There Life After Death? (Part Two)

We have made the case that there is a part of our humanity that is not physical, and not subject to the physical death that awaits our bodie

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