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"Don't be fooled by the false dichotomy of choosing to live by Faith or Reason. The only people who don't have faith are those who are omniscient! And that job has already been taken by God! Everyone has Faith. Let's hope it's Reasonable Faith"


-Dan Arsenault


Is There Life After Death? (Part One)

If Naturalism is true, everything ends in death. All matter and energy are subject to the law of entropy, so even the universe will eventua

Can Good Science Point to God?

The consensus view seems to be that modern science has eliminated the possibility of God. In Dover, Pennsylvania, an attempt was made to f

What is Grace, Anyway?

C.S. Lewis was asked, “What is the unique contribution of Christianity?” Without missing a beat, he answered, “Thatʼs easy. Grace.”

Miracles, Science, and a Drunk Man's Keys

Science has never proclaimed a miracle as the explanation for any phenomenon. Is that because miracles are impossible, or because science is

Do Atheists Have Unbelieving Genes?

Atheists/naturalists must explain everything in physical terms, and Richard Dawkins says that natural selection acting on random mutations d

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