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"Philosopher's Club"

About 27 years after Jesus was crucified, the Apostle Paul introduced Him to the Greco-Roman world, in the cultural center, Athens, Greece. He started with a brilliant philosophy lesson. The Creator is always greater than His creation..hence it is foolish for a human to construct an idol and then worship the work of his own hands. He's worshipping downward, not upward. Paul then made the Moral Argument, and introduced Jesus as the Appointed Judge of the world! Which God had endorsed by raising Him from the dead! Two people believed that were named. One was Dionysius, a member of the "Philosophers' Club," and a woman named Damaris, and a few others. The first Christian dent in the Greco-Roman armor. By 350 years later, the Greco-Roman world had been transformed for the most part into the Judeo-Christian culture. And here we are today, at the end of what has been known for 2000 years as Western Civilization. Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

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