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The Experience of Being Human with Free Will

If the experience of being human has any benefit for knowledge, then we are persons, with consciousness, free will to make decisions that could have been otherwise, and we have a sense of morality, that is an awareness of good and evil. We may disagree somewhat as to the details, but the point is that we seem to agree that there is a standard that is not subject to our personal preference. If we are deluded about all of the above experiences, then our ability to know anything at all is also an illusion. So, what religions and/or worldviews affirm our human experience? That is, the worldview/religion explains our consciousness, personhood, and free will rather than explain them away. As far as I can see, there are only two. Judaism and Christianity both affirm our human experience and explain what it means to be human in terms of being created in the image of God, Who is also a Person, has Consciousness, and free will, and is the source for Morality in His Nature. Materialism, atheism, and Pantheism both deny the reality of everything it means to be human. No personhood, no consciousness, no free will, and no good or evil. If either view is true, we could never know that, or anything else.

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